How to solve Immigration problem without building a wall

Let’s face it, illegal immigration exploded in the past two decade thanks to congress. Sad but true, our elected representatives have turned into freeloaders concerned with holding onto power no matter what the consequences will be. There is a reason congress has a 84% disapproval, it is because people recognize how dishonest our federal government has become. They don’t try to hide it anymore, once elected all their focus and energy turns to power and never letting go of that power. It is not easy getting rid of corrupt politicians who have been governing for decades because they are soo deeply rooted in the Washington D.C. establishment and have created protective barriers to favor reelection.  As voters started to recognize this, they started voting against establishment politicians both democrat and republican. Congress’s abuse of power has been growing its roots for over 100 years. The control this small group of politicians has on us is so powerful that no one man can turn this around.  Congress has become an exclusive club of takers for takers.. a club where members on opposing sides of the isle share one common interest, a big centralized government in the likes of an organized MOB syndicate. So what does this have to do with immigration and solving it?

The answer congress chooses is more uninformed uneducated illegal voters who depend on government welfare and subsidies. This is why congress decided not to enforce immigration laws during Obama’s term. As voters become aware, voters start to recognize that federal government departments are counter productive and destructive to our constitutional republic. Examples of destructive government waste can be found in every federal department including education, energy and social security. All departments mismanaged by government have put taxpayers in debt for over $20trillion dollars and growing by millions a day. It’s one thing to mismanage a federal department, but when that mismanagement causes price of commodities to rise, it creates a ripple affect throughout the world thereby making cost of food and energy two, three or even four times higher than what it would be if without a federal department. It has been proven and reported that an increase in price of energy creates higher food prices and instability. What the greedy politicians ignore and don’t care about is how these federal department create even more hunger and poverty and destruction around the world. Immigrants whose lives have been disrupted by a federal department they never heard of before are now in dire straits and looking for a better life. Naturally they look towards America. We all know America has a higher standard of living than the rest of the world, this is why Americans have a larger cushion to fall back on if the federal government disrupts our way of life which.. it has been doing for over 100 years. If one looks back at Obamacare, the most recent destructive government department, it’s price tag to taxpayers is well over $1trillion annually. Much of that trillion dollars used flow to many different third world countries to help create a better life there. When the US Government decided to abruptly with no discussion take over health care, congress caused a chain reaction affecting many businesses to cut back and many employees to lose their jobs. This caused the economy to slow. Less goods bought and sold, less low skilled jobs, less money going back to third world countries made life more difficult. Today, the flow of money to third world nations is starting to rise again, but the cost of living is still high. When congress decides to take the problems seriously, they will adapt and pass “The Constitution Carta” a bill aimed at closing federal departments to ease the illegal migration to the US. By closing 1 federal department alone, experts estimate 500,000 less illegals entering into the USA annually and reduce our deficit by over $200billion. As cost of living drops and food becomes more affordable, people will no longer look towards America for prosperity and freedom, they can find it in their own country.