How will The Constitution Carta bring Energy Independence to the world?

How will The Constitution Carta bring Energy Independence to the world?

For decades our representatives have been touting energy independence yet do nothing to loosen grip and control of The Federal Department of Energy. The Department of Energy affects everyone around the world and is the reason OPEC exists fix prices and Vladmir Putin can threaten the world to increase price of energy. OPEC openly meets to annouce the steps they are taking to control the supply and production of energy. OPEC fixes prices to ensure a higher than normal price for oil and energy regardless of the cost to human life. The United Sates government created the Federal Department of Energy to control the production and consumption of energy in the United States. OPEC and Energy Department do not work together but have the same objectives. Sinc the early 1900s, The federal government has always stepped in to regulate sectors which are popular with consumers and yield large profits. Energy is the most important commodity to sustain our standard of living today. 100% of Americans depend on affordable energy so naturally the goverment wanted their cut. Due to the federal Department of Energy, the cost of Energy comes at a price 5x above normal. This 5x above normal price trickles down to every part of our life, making things more expensive for the poor and the youth. Due to high cost of energy, our food, electricity, clothing, healthcare, cars, every consumer good is more expensive because one person rules the energy committee in Congress. The political parties both have different objectives ruling the Energy department. This in turn creates abnormal infation as leaders with prejudice against fossil fuels create havoc to billions of people. Representatives in congress constantly manipulate, regulate, saboage by creating unrealistic demands on our enrgy producers thereby driving up the the cost of capturing and delivering energy at a higher price. It is difficult to describe how vital our energy is to our survival, perhaps if one was to imagine life without it, candles instead of light switch, horse and buggy instead of cars and trucks, bicycles or walking. Pitch black at night, no TV for entertainment, extreme polution due to burning of more fossil fuels, everything after daylight must be done by candle light.. and the list goes on.

What is the purpose of the Department of Energy?
Does it help in production of energy? NO
Does it help bring down price of energy? NO, IN FACT IT INCREASES IT
Do Lawyers and Lobbyists take millions of dollars from taxpayers because the Department of Energy exists? YES
Why do Lawyers and Lobbyists make so much money when they have nothing to do with Energy Production? THEY WRITE THE BILLS, CREATE THE LOOPHOLES AND SET UP THE TOLLS

This is the Washington D.C. swamp, sewer, this is why our representative will never look out for the people, Kickbacks and Payoffs.

The constitution carta will put an end to Kickbacks, Payoffs and Tolls. Closing Federal Department of Energy will give 50 states the right to decide the kind of energy they wish to pursue, 50 states with 50 different ideas on how to bring affordable energy to everyone. The world has an abundance of energy wind, solar, fossil, nuclear all competing for consumers. The price of oil will drop to below $10/ barel and the cost of everything from food, medicine and transportation will drop by over 40%. This will desolve OPEC as they will no longer be able to control and manipulate prices. The free market will!

Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.” – Claude Frédéric Bastiat