The American Media no longer serves the public or reports the truth, they comingled with and take orders from the government!

The Government of The United States with the leadership of some powerful individuals in and out of Congress have befriended the media via tarp funds.  No longer concerned about facts relating to global warming, no questions about the government regulations and the destructive affects on jobs, health and businesses.  Media doesn’t care about peoples health care or the 20,000 pages of new regulations forced upon doctors.  Not one meaningful question about taxes, medicare, social security or the tens of thousands of regulations.   With all the evidence to dispute Global warming and the destructive nature of government run universal health care, the press chooses instead to socialize, smooze and manipulate their way to the top.  From Iraq to America, dozens of examples of media manipulation can be found.  from the 911 call by Zimmerman to the assumption of guilt of our military, the press has always pushed their agenda which is the adgenda of the ruling class of lawers and lobbyists in Washington D.C.  Thanks to the Internet, it is not as easy for the media to cover up the lies of the government.  Lies about unemployment, Lies about Obama care, Lies about fight against terror.  These are all examples of media bias in America.  Media promotes propaganda using children to do their dirty work and spread socialist policies.  On top of it all, in 2009, the media covered up criminal behavior by several high-ranking democrats.  Democrats in congress conspired with the press to determine what would be headline news and what will be buried in the back pages.  It is clear by the way they report the jobless news.  As unemployment shot up from 6% to over 10%, our main stream media was on the cover your congress mode, back to back stories that things are not as bad as they seem.. as more businesses shut down.  Media bias helped elect Barack Obama and democrat majority, this is why the media holds back a lot of news about Obama’s destructive politics and the politicians who condone.  Our media, some of who are ex-employees of politicians are as corrupt and useless as the people they cover in congress.  Thanks to the Internet, we can freely comment on media bias and spread truth along with credible information in an instant.  There are many examples of the mainstream media receiving millions of taxpayer dollars. Click here to read one about Obamacare slush fund.


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main stream Media bias against conservatives

By Paul Farhi Washington Post April 27,2012