Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson had little regard for not stopping radical Islam Americans get hurt

10 Minute video of Homeland Security secretary Jeh Johnson testifying before Congress on June 30,2016.  Does he take any of this seriously?  Will congress finally realize that Homeland security is just another layer of bureaucracy which hinders the job of law enforcement?  In time, we will know if congress made the right choices to protect Americans first.  Looking at this department from the outside, it seems that this federal bureaucracy has not accomplished anything news worthy. The homeland security secretary is in charge of a layer of bureaucrats.  This extra layer hinders  law enforcement and makes it difficlut to apprehend criminals.  What is the purpose of Department of Homeland Security?

  • DestructiveP

    Can’t help but wonder, can this new policy at DHS be the root of these acts of terror against innocent Americans.