Our tax rate should be 2% flat on goods sold ONLY, no tax on labor or service

Our complex tax system was designed by lawyers and lobbyists to loot our economy of trillions of dollars along with  millions of jobs and lost opportunities.  Today, our tax code is so complex that not one congressman or senator can fill out their own taxes correctly.  Taxpayers on the other hand are expected to fill it out correctly or suffer the concequences, fines and or maybe even jail.  This is what politicians in Washington D.C. call fair.  The sad thing is, the Washington elite are all greedy and reckless.  To illustrate the reckless behavior, lets read about one man who Chaired the Ways and Means Committee, Charlie Rangel. Representative Rangel is a powerful man in Washington, he was found lying and cheating on his taxes about investments he made.  The Wall Street Journal was one of a few news organizations who took notice and informed American public of Rangle’s activities.  Needless to say, Charlie Rangel did not have to face any scrutiny or criticism from the press or congress.  Is this fair?  Treasury Secretary Timothy Geitner cheated on his taxes, he was selected by powerful politicians to head  the IRS!  Former Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle cheated on his taxes to the tune of over $100,000, he did not go to jail!  We will never have a fair system as long as we have the evil controlling authority of the IRS threatening us.  Our federal government uses the IRS to punish us and rob us of wealth, seize our property and limit our freedom.  News papers have been reporting for years about the corrupt behavior of IRS officials at the top.   There is but one solution, abolish the IRS.  If we do not change the status quo, we will be crushed by the evil tyrants who us the IRS as weapons in their aresenal to defeat constitutional conservatives.   History has shown over and over that when taxes are cut, growth in the economy ripples through the world like a tidal wave of economic growth.   We will not see any of this economic growth as long as Federal Departments are allowed to exist control our destiny in the hand of one power selected politician.  When politicians use Federal departments to oppress law abiding Americans, its time to elect new leaders.  It is time for Constitutional Magna Carta! Politicians should not live above the law.

Charlie Rangel Politician cheats on taxes
Charlie Rangel Democrat tax cheat was in charge of the Ways and Means committee while he was cheating on taxes

The Wall Street Journal, July 27,2009


IRS discriminates targets conservative groups
washington times 2013
the IRS auditor admits that conservatives were targeted


IRS abusing conservative groups at the order of democrats
IRS is being used by democrats to oppress conservative groups.

The Wall Street Journal by Kimberley A. Strassel