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Who’s practicing destructive politics in Washington D.C.?  What are the world wide devastating affects of destructive politics?  Which Federal agencies are most destructive to our way of life?  Destructive Politics Congress Power Corruption LiesDestructive Politics explains where the problems originate and how they can be solved.  Our nation is on the brink of looming disasters.  In the last half century, we have seen government increase in size exponentially.  Over a dozen new federal departments have blossomed with over 200,000 new government employees  hired to hinder and harass the private sector.  These new federal government employees are compensated on the backs of children and hard working tax payers.  In 1974, the United States of America had seen the last budget surpluss for the rest of the 20th century.   Because of the government’s relentless craving for power and money, in 1970s the Federal Government created the EPA and the Department of Energy.   ‘T was the moment when the United States of America stepped into a black hole of uncontrollable spending.  This is when our Federal Government began practicing uncontrollable destructive politics by means of the new Federal Departments to over regulate and cause companies to egress to third world nations for manufacturing.  Destructive Politics explores the damages brought upon us by politicians who’s only goal in Washington D.C. is Power and Money!  There is a saying when investigating corruption, “Always Follow The Money”.   Our current debt is rapidly approaching $20 Trillion .  There is a lot of money to follow in Washington D.C.


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