The Energy and Commerce Committee

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If you want to see how the federal government is regulating, taxing and manipulating the price of Energy.  Oil companies do not try to control energy prices, congress does!  Click the link below to view their destructive politics in progress. Most of us are unaware of the desructive nature of these federal agencies.  They […]

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson had little regard for not stopping radical Islam Americans get hurt

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10 Minute video of Homeland Security secretary Jeh Johnson testifying before Congress on June 30,2016.  Does he take any of this seriously?  Will congress finally realize that Homeland security is just another layer of bureaucracy which hinders the job of law enforcement?  In time, we will know if congress made the right choices to protect Americans first.  Looking at […]

The American Media no longer serves the public or reports the truth, they comingled with and take orders from the government!

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The Government of The United States with the leadership of some powerful individuals in and out of Congress have befriended the media via tarp funds.  No longer concerned about facts relating to global warming, no questions about the government regulations and the destructive affects on jobs, health and businesses.  Media doesn’t care about peoples health care or the 20,000 pages […]

Destructive Politics – the book

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Who’s practicing destructive politics in Washington D.C.?  What are the world wide devastating affects of destructive politics?  Which Federal agencies are most destructive to our way of life?  Destructive Politics explains where the problems originate and how they can be solved.  Our nation is on the brink of looming disasters.  In the last half century, we have seen […]